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Work when and where you want. Fill local per diem shifts that match your license or credential.

Litehouse Health has shifts for:
- Registered Nurses (RN)
- Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)
- Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN/LVN)
- Allied Professionals

"We take care of you, so you can care for everyone else."

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"Litehouse is our answer to the challenges we face as clinicians. It's a platform designed by nurses, for clinicians."

Litehouse Chief Nursing Officer and Co-founder

Dear Fellow Clinicians,

My journey into nursing, like yours, began with a personal calling—a deep desire to serve patients, their families and my community. I've worked in the busy hospital units and taken on leadership roles, always fueled by a passion for making a difference. However, as time passed, it became clear that the support and flexibility nurses truly deserve were often lacking.

The available options often felt outdated and failed to address our evolving personal and professional needs.

That’s why we created Litehouse.

Litehouse is our answer to the challenges we face as nurses. It's a platform designed by nurses, for nurses. It's all about delivering the flexibility and support we need to reimagine our careers, gain autonomy, and maximize our income potential and career fulfillment.

Join us in this mission. Become a Litehouse nurse and rediscover the joy in nursing.

-Ellen, Litehouse Chief Nursing Officer and Co-founder

Our Onboarding Process

To deliver Top Talent to the bedside, Litehouse’s clinician activation process has to be thorough, and it is with these 5 steps:

- Download the app and enter your basic information
- Upload your resume and verify your credentials
- Complete a virtual interview and assessment
- Complete a background check, drug and health screenings and I9 verification
- Setup your direct deposit and get your official Litehouse badge

With Litehouse's Onboarding technology, most of this process is automated, leaving you in control of making it as fast as you like. Litespeed Onboarding is getting interested clinicians to working clinicians making money on their terms.

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Have Questions?

What is Litehouse Health?

Litehouse Health is an on-demand marketplace that gives nurses access to local hospital shifts with no short- or long-term commitment required. A Litehouse Nurse is a free agent — able to pick up shifts wherever and whenever they want!

When and how often will I be paid?

Litehouse nurses get paid weekly, on Wednesdays. During profile setup, you will be requested to provide your bank account information for direct deposit, similar to traditional employment.

Is there a minimum number of shifts that I must take per week or month?

No. Unlike traditional PRN roles, Litehouse empowers nurses with the autonomy to determine their work frequency. There are no minimum requirements for shifts or hours worked, giving you control over your schedule.

How do I get started with Litehouse?
Litehouse empowers nurses to pick up acute care shifts at local hospitals and health systems. Nurses can choose shifts that best align with their schedules and preferences.
To get started, all you have to do is Sign Up for more information or download the app, create a profile and upload your credentials. One of our concierges will be in touch shortly after to conduct a quick interview. Once you’re a Litehouse approved nurse, you’ll have first access to shifts as they become available.
Is Litehouse only for specific types of nurses?

Litehouse nurses are registered nurses (RNs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), or other healthcare providers with at least 1 year of nursing experience.

Is Litehouse available in my area?

You can determine availability in your area by signing up for information or downloading our app, creating a profile, and searching for shifts. If you don't see shifts in your region yet, don't worry; we're constantly expanding our network of hospital and healthcare system partnerships.

Do I need a certain level of experience to become a Litehouse nurse?
Litehouse welcomes nurses with diverse levels of experience, from early-career professionals to seasoned experts. We're especially enthusiastic about supporting nurses who are returning to their careers on their own terms.
Our minimum requirements include at least one year of experience, an active nursing license and a valid I-9.
How does Litehouse ensure nurses' safety and compliance with healthcare standards?

Safety and compliance are paramount at Litehouse Health. We only collaborate with healthcare facilities that uphold rigorous quality and safety standards to ensure that nurses work in secure and compliant environments.

What should I expect for the virtual interview?
Upon completing the sign up form, one of our nurse success concierges will contact you to schedule the virtual interview. It should take
approximately 15-30 minutes.
The Nurse Success concierge will ask you questions about your nursing background, your career plans, the hospitals Litehouse is partnering with in your geographical area, the type of shifts that are available, and what onboarding looks like. Don’t forget to come with some questions of your own!
When can I begin picking up shifts?

To begin your Litehouse journey, click here to register, set up your profile, upload your credentials and schedule your interview. Once you're a Litehouse nurse, you'll have the ability to pick up open shifts at the top of your license at partnering hospitals in your local area.

How does Litehouse protect my data?

We are committed to protecting your private, personal information. We have strict security and privacy rules in place. Keeping your data secure is non-negotiable. We embed security and privacy controls into all we do. And we keep safeguarding of that data top of mind. Our commitment to your privacy and data protection is part of all our decision making processes - including the technology we build, the infrastructure we use, and the way we educate and hire our people.

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