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Empower Your Staff, Improve Patient Care With Litehouse Beacon

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The first internal resource SaaS solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to optimize your entire nursing workforce

Empower Your Staff, Improve Patient Care.

Litehouse Beacon is the first internal resource SAAS solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to optimize your entire nursing workforce

Empower Your Staff, Improve Patient Care With Litehouse Beacon



The internal resource SaaS solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to optimize your entire nursing workforce


Litehouse Beacon Advantages

Litehouse Beacon optimizes healthcare staffing through intelligent shift allocation, seamless integration, data-driven insights, and unmatched security.

All-in-One Healthcare Staffing Solution

From full-time, part-time, float pool and flex, Litehouse Beacon is the first resource management solution with intelligent shift allocation

Automated Shift Broadcasting

Eliminates manual scheduling, automatically matching qualified staff to open shifts with targeted notifications via the Beacon app (Think Uber)

Easy To Integrate

True plug-and-play technology that seamlessly connects with your existing staffing and payroll systems, such as UKG, Oracle, and Symplr

Time Savings

Time savings deposited back into the day of the CHRO, CNO, nursing leadership and/or staffer

Tableau Powered Analytics

Leverage Tableau to unlock greater productivity and job satisfaction; which in turn creates better patient outcomes.

"As a Chief Nursing Officer, I can confidently say that a solution like Litehouse Beacon would have been an invaluable asset during my tenure. The ability to streamline workforce management and optimize resource utilization would have freed up significant time for nursing leaders, and allowed me to focus on critical operational areas and strategic hospital initiatives."
Dr. Ellen
Dr. Ellen Kuhnert DNP-EL, MBA, RN, CHFP

Co-Founder and Chief Nursing Officer

Beyond Beacon

The All-In-One Healthcare Staffing Solution

Litehouse Health also offers a suite of additional complementary services to Beacon tailored to further maximize your healthcare workforce management reach and capabilities

Unlock Local Talent

Leveraging its sourcing engine and agency grade digital marketing reach and acquisition capabilities, Litehouse Health can build a marketplace of best-in-class, local W2 nurses, CNAs and Allied Professionals around your hospitals to fill open shifts and improve patient care

Credentialing Credibility

Beacon ensures your hospital stays ahead of the curve on all credentialing regulatory compliance including licensure, certifications and competencies so you can focus on delivering
exceptional patient care

Cut Credentialing and Onboarding Time in Half

Strategic technology partnerships empower Litehouse Health to credential and onboard clinical talent at twice the speed of traditional hospital systems

Next-Gen Data Management Platform

Securely stores and manages nurses' credentials, enabling real-time verification, streamlining hiring processes, and ensuring trust and transparency across the healthcare system.

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The Power of EOR

As the Employer-of-Record (EOR), Litehouse Health empowers clinicians with flexible work options and professional liability protection while providing hospitals with rapid access to qualified clinicians, streamlined staffing operations, significant cost savings, and reduced legal liability.

How Litehouse Beacon Can Work For You

Customizable order-to-work groupings for priority access durations

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Open shifts aggregated in Beacon via Integration

Unit Leaders/Central Staffing post shifts.


Claimable to Full Time Caregivers

FTEs are able to claim these shifts for a time period you designate. Resource rules are in place to monitor competency, overtime and work requirements.


Claimable to Resource Pools

Beacon will push open sifts to your Resource Pool. As this time, only FTE's and resource pools can claim shifts.


Claimable to Internal PRN

After time period designated by you, Beacon will push the open shifts, so they become available to internal PRN staff.


Claimable to Marketplace

Only after your internal resources have been fully optimized, shifts will be allocated to the Litehouse Marketplace.  Only then and upon your approval, remaining unfilled shifts could be made available to your travelers.


Claimable to Travel

Specialty shifts not usually addressed by marketplace or filled by internal staff become available to travelers, at your discretion.

"Beacon is designed with two fundamental principles that set it apart. First, it is highly configurable, allowing healthcare systems to easily accommodate their specific rules and workflows without being constrained by hard-coded software limitations. Second, Beacon leverages a broad range of integrations, from direct APIs to batch data transfers and RPA, to reduce friction and enhance automation. These capabilities enable healthcare systems to make efficient use of their different nurse labor pools, ensuring optimal staffing and improved operational efficiency. "
Justin Schaper

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

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